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SCBDemo screenshot. CMyBar is derived directly from CSizingcontrolBar (no gripper), and has the resizing edges turned on. See this FAQ entry for information on how (and when) to enable resizing borders.

Image taken from the SCBDemo2 demo project. The bars are derived from CSizingControlBarG.
The miniframe is the default MFC one (CMiniDockFrameWnd).

Another image from the SCBDemo2 sample - CSizingControlBarCF is the base class for the bars.
Since it provides by itself a caption-like gripper, #define _SCB_REPLACE_MINIFRAME was used to add a custom miniframe with no caption.
Another advantage of the new miniframe class is that it uses standard Windows resizing (not docking context based). Note that you can instruct the custom miniframe to look like the default tool windows (with a standard small caption) by defining _SCB_MINIFRAME_CAPTION. You will keep the dynamic resizing capability in this last case.

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