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Docking windows articles

Docking Dialogs

Dynamic child window positioning by Hans Bühler.
A nice layout manager (code which resize controls automatically). As a sample, there is a class derived from CSizingControlBar which holds a dialog, so here are the docking dialogs you asked for :)

Docking & ActiveX

Docking a window inside an ActiveX control by Greg Winker.
This excellent article explains not only how to implement an ActiveX control which can have docking windows, but also shows how to place a ActiveX controls on the docking window itself.

Docking Views

Views on control bars are a delicate issue - the MFC frame/doc/view framework makes the implementation tricky, and the inexperienced programmer can get lost in the dark. Usually, the same thing you can do with views can be done with simpler controls, but sometimes you have no alternative. This FAQ entry explain why the views on the bars are the thing to avoid, if you can :)

Views on CSizingControlBar by Rob Finch.
How to host views on the control bars using a dummy parent frame.

Docking Views (2) by M.Shams Mukhtar.
Another way to host views on your resizable control bars.

Miscellaneous CControlBar articles

How to verify the bar state info by Cristi Posea.
LoadBarState() gives you headaches? This article provides a function you can call to verify the state info before calling LoadBarState().

How to dock bars side by side by Cristi Posea.
Explains how to dock a bar next to a previously docked one. This article takes a closer look at the problem, and comes with a more general solution.

Got code?

If you want to share your experience with docking windows in general, and with CSizingControlBar in particular, you are welcome to post articles on DataMekanix.
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