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About DataMekanix

This site was created to help programmers to accomplish a very specific task - implementing dockable windows for their applications. It is revolving around the CSizingControlBar library, a piece of code which started more than three years ago as a simple class posted along with a short accompanying article on (Zafir Anjum's MFC Programmer's SourceBook at that time). When I discovered CodeGuru, it was wonderful: samples with source - oh, joy! I learnt a lot and the CSizingControlBar was my thank you! for all developers who shared a little from their bag of tricks with the rest of us. This is the reason I would also like to thank all those who have contributed their time, energy, and articles to this site.

Cristi Posea

Now a little bit about myself... I am a software developer with a BS in Systems and Computer Science. I started programming back in 1984 and since then I worked on drivers for data acquisition, diagramming software, user interfaces, cryptanalysis and cryptography, natural language processing, electronic forms, and more. I was an antivirus researcher, sysadmin, graphics and typeface designer. For more than 5 years I was the chief of the IT department for a major newspaper. I also worked for companies like HyperCube and Dundas. For a few months I provided a little help to Chris Maunder when he started The Code Project, a great site for developers. Currently I'm leading the development of desktop applications and server components for Formatta Corporation, an e-forms company.

I live in Northern Virginia, USA, with my wonderful wife Irina. I like to travel, I enjoy trying out new food and drinks, and I waste a lot of time playing CRPGs, turn-based strategy games, and for the last few years World of Warcraft.

Enjoy the site and have fun!

Cristi Posea,
site master

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