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Since you reached this site, the chance is you already know you need docking windows for your apps. Below is a short list of products that use CSizingControlBar (sincerelly, some of the implementations even took me by surprise!).
I hope you will find the library usefull, and your work will gain its place here, on this page.

  • Dundas Software uses CSizingControlBar in the HyperView Studio and Ultimate Diagram libraries
    "HyperView for MFC is a Scriptable Forms Environment (SFE) that provides run-time flexibility for your development projects, allowing anyone (you, your customer, or a system integrator) to easily extend or customize the views, diagrams, dialogs, or forms in the field... without recompiling. HyperView can also serve as the core of your own Visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment), customized for your specific industry. HyperView is an MFC extension library with full source code. It is a great, MFC-native, alternative to Microsoft's VBA™. In fact, HyperView has more licensees than VBA™ itself."

    See the Dundas Software site for full specs, screenshots, demos, customers, etc.

  • The BCGControlBar library includes code based on CSizingControlBar
    The BCGControlBar library by Stas Levin is a collection of classes for GUI development. The library used to be freeware, but it is now commercial. The licensing terms are still very flexible. Go to the site to find more about BCGControlBar, including downloads, screenshots, and who is using it.

  • Twist Inspire uses CSizingControlBar
    Twist Inspire is a development environment for highly customizable database applications that use SQL Server 7.0, and it uses HyperHost as a form environment. It is still in the development phase itself, but you can take a look at 2 cool screenshots here and here.

  • TurboBrowser 2000
    TurboBrowser 2000 by FileStream makes a nifty use of the CSizingControlBar library.
    "Turbo Browser 2000 is the first comprehensive and highly integrated toolset for browsing and managing all the files on your Desktop, Network, and on the Web, maximizing efficiencies by merging the management of local and Internet resources. Turbo Browser 2000 offers so many tools at your fingertips so you will have more ways to work easier, faster, and safer. It is a Must Have for Power Users!".
    This baby is really amazing - no wonder it snatched so many awards. Follow the link above for screenshots, reviews and more.

  • ACDSee uses CSizingControlBar too
    ACDSee by ACD Systems " a high-performance image viewer. It supports BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA, TIF, and more. Now it can display very fast thumbnails for each directory, as well as animated GIFs and almost every image format available, and very fast! Our personal favorite!" - TUCOWS, 5 cows. Have a look at a few screenshots, as well as at the impressive awards and reviews gallery.

  • Tzar: The Burden of the Crown
    Developed by Haemimont and published by Talonsoft, Tzar: The Burden of the Crown is a real-time strategy game set in a fantasy universe. The terrain is beautifully rendered and the game itself is really addictive.
    The included game editor (TzarEdit) allows you to create your own maps to play single-player missions or with multiple players over the net. Should I mention that TzarEdit uses CSizingControlBar to implement the workspace docking window? Click here for a screen shot.

  • The WorldForge project uses CSizingControlBar for a world editor
    WorldForge is an effort to create a game engine for massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The game engine being designed for flexibility so anyone who wishes to can build their own game upon it.
    Xedit is a game world editor written by Sal Ferro and it is part of the Demo2 phase. Since the WorldForge is open source and it is very Linux oriented, I expect future versions of Xedit to be built using more portable libraries than MFC. Anyway, here is a screenshot of Xedit, and here are a few screenshots from a proposed GUI. Very promising - I can't wait to play :)

  • CuteHTML uses CSizingControlBar
    CuteHTML is a HTML editor from GlobalSCAPE. Click here for a screenshot.

  • WinGate uses CSizingControlBar in GateKeeper
    WinGate by is a proxy server firewall software package that allows you to share a single (or multiple) Internet connections with an entire computer network. Five stars, five cows, five everything - this piece of software has won almost every shareware award. The Control Panel is implemented using CSizingControlBar.

Programming links

  • The Code Project is a free site serving the developer community. It's jam-packed with the highest quality source code and tutorials from some of the biggest names in the community, and best of all it's totally free!

  • CodeGuru. This one used to be a great site a few years ago, but after changing a few owners, it is still slow in updating content and experiences maintenance problems. There are lots of Windows programming articles, and the MFC section is impressive. Don't miss the VC++ message board - it is one of the most active on the web.

  • Programmers' Heaven. Mostly links, but there are also code snippets.

  • The Devsearcher. Links collection.

  • The Programming Sharehouse. Numerous programming links, tutorials, programs (games, tools, and utilities), articles, source code files, tips, and FAQs covering many programming languages and topics.

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