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Old News

APR 14, 2001 - New article: Docking a window inside an ActiveX control. Check it out, it's very nice!

MAR 15, 2001 - Removed a few dead links and added the about page.

MAR 04, 2001 - New article: How to dock bars side by side.

DEC 14, 2000 - Site news: Archived the threads older than AUG 04 2000 in the message board. You can find them in the archive section.

NOV 05, 2000 - Site news: The site is now hosted with a professional hosting company. As far as I can see, the transition went smoothly. The speed for the downloads from should be better now.

AUG 11, 2000 - Added a few entries to the FAQ.

AUG 03, 2000 - CSizingControlBar v2.43 is now available for download. This version enhances bar resizing for stacked bars, and there are a few minor painting problems fixed. See the change log for more details.

APR 27, 2000 - Hans Bühler's layout manager is now on DataMekanix. See the article for an implementation of resizable docking dialogs.

APR 16, 2000 - Added a new article on docking views, by M.Shams Mukhtar. Updated the FAQ.

MAR 07, 2000 - New Article: Views in a Sizeable Docking Control Bar by Rob Finch. Answers for those who need to dock views on control bars.

FEB 29, 2000 - Resizable Docking Dialogs ! Want some? Hans Bühler wrote a nice layout manager (code which resize controls automatically). As a sample, he included a class derived from CSizingControlBar which holds a dialog. Go here for the URL of the article, and for a patch for using the latest CSizingControlBar version.
Update: the article is now on DataMekanix too - see the Articles section.

FEB 16, 2000 - Waiting for the next version of MFC? Well, don't hold your breath yet, because Microsoft just announced that Visual Studio 7.0 was delayed for 1 year. When I wrote the CSizingControlBar class back in Jan 1998, I expected to be a temporary workaround until VC++ 6.0 release... [ZDNet article].

FEB 12, 2000 - The manual contains information about the new SCBS_ styles and related functions. Also, a topic in the FAQ page was updated.

FEB 10, 2000 - Get v2.42 ! The change log outlines the changes.

FEB 07, 2000 - Updated the manual.

FEB 06, 2000 - CSizingControlBar v2.41 is out ! The manual and the change log contain new info. Also, updated the screenshots page.

FEB 01, 2000 - Added some more info to the manual.

JAN 26, 2000 - Upgraded the server - now it supports HTTP 1.1 (resuming downloads). Also tinkered a little with the message board.

JAN 21, 2000 - New article - How to verify the bar state info before calling LoadBarState().

JAN 18, 2000 - Updated the change log, and worked a little on the manual.

JAN 17, 2000 - Version 2.4 is available. It does not include the promised dialog bar, which will be released separately. Go here for download, and please be patient while the rest of the site is updated.

JAN 11, 2000 - Version 2.31 is available. It is a maintenance release - fixed a bug and cleaned the sources a bit. Here is the change log; click here for download.

JAN 04, 2000 - Four new FAQ entries, starting with this one.

JAN 03, 2000 - Added a few entries to the Hall of Fame. Check them out and remember - you can have your app listed there too!

DEC 29, 1999 - If you want to participate in v2.4 beta test, just let me know.
New stuff: sizing dialog bar, more gripper customization features, and more.

DEC 18, 1999 - New FAQ entry: How to add a context menu to your bar.

DEC 12, 1999 - Version 2.3 is out!
New features :
- Full dynamic resizing when floating.
- Changing the bar title using SetWindowText() updates the caption.
See the change log the for more details.
Click here for download.

DEC 02, 1999 - CSizingControlBarCF bug fix. The bug affects the UNICODE and MBCS builds, causing the caption to be drawn with Arial, even if Tahoma is present. Update: the fix is included in versions above 2.3 .

NOV 30, 1999 - New FAQ entry: How to dock more than one bar on the same row when the application is run for the first time.

NOV 27, 1999 - Updated the changelog and the manual. Updated info into the FAQ.

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